I’m Phaidon’s new eye on the photography world

I’ve got a new feature going on on Phaidon.com every Tuesday where I round up the week in the photography world. It takes in everything from big names, to new comers on the scene, the latest show openings and any other news from the photography world you need to know about. So head over there today and swat up.

Here’s little excerpt from this week:

New talent added to VII Photo VII Photo agency added four new photographers to its mentor programme this week. Gazi Nafis Ahmed, Laura El-Tantawy, Jošt Franko and Amanda Rivkin – who were individually selected by existing members of the agency John Stanmeyer, Ed Kashi, Christopher Morris and Ron Haviv respectively – will receive guidance over the two year long programme to help build their professional practice and develop the necessary skills to succeed in photojournalism. These new additions follow changes made September last year when 13 new photographers, including Davide Monteleone, were made full members, many after being on the VII Photo mentor programme themselves.

Read the whole article here

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