Phaidon’s eye on the photography world – 26.6.2012

In the third instalment of me being Phaidon’s eye on the photography world I take you through things to look out for whilst you’re on a plane, the new way to date, SFMOMA’s building expansion, Aung San Suu Kyi, futuristic Butlins photographs for sale and some shipping containers make it across the Atlantic.

Here’s an excerpt:

What does limited edition really mean? The problem that’s perplexed photographers and auction houses alike has surfaced again – the ability to reproduce a photograph over and over again, technically discounting it as a singular piece of artwork and, in turn, reducing its value considerably. At the centre of the latest controversy is William Eggleston. Widely credited with increasing the recognition of photography as a legitimate form of art, he is now facing a legal battle over reproductions – all be they in a different print medium and size – of a ‘limited edition’ photograph sold to Jonathan Sobel – a long time collector of Eggleston’s work. The case is as yet unresolved but the outcome may have repercussions throughout the whole photographic world as the question  – what does limited edition really mean? – may be answered once and for all.

Read the full story here

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