Sally by Chris FloydSally grew up on the outskirts of London. She comes from a family of scientists, mathematicians, artists and photographers.

At school she was interested in chemistry and art. Photography is where they met. Studying the subject at university, she was able to put into practice the skills and ideas she gained whilst working in London’s photography studios in the holidays.

After graduating from the University of Central Lancashire, Sally went on to pursue a career in photography not knowing quite what she wanted to get into. She is still on that journey but along the way she’s worked for high street department stores, weekly fashion magazines and newspapers, fetched and carried pretty much everything, painted and tidied, stood up a ladder for ten hours shining the light on the back of a model’s head and has been the designated constipation tablet courier more than once, retouched shoes from multiple angles a hundred times over and alphabetised the Oxford Scientific Library’s negative archive.

Sally then found her way online.

Well, she was never really offline, but in early 2010 she started working on a new digital project for Phaidon. And that’s where the next part of this story starts. Over the next two years Phaidon.com grew to become an authoritative but accessible voice, showcasing the latest news from creatives across the visual arts world. Sally gained experience working with some of the top people in the creative industry, speaking to them about their work and producing content specialised for an online audience.

But sometimes it’s important to know when to move on, work on something new and take on new challenges. In March 2012 the opportunity to work on the digital team for tax refund service Global Blue came up. Sally is now part of a worldwide company helping international travellers to make the most out of their luxury shopping experiences when abroad.

As well as working for Global Blue, Sally also writes about photography, the arts and current affairs for various publications and runs the visual arts blog LookSeeNow.com where she writes about interesting things seen and to be seen around London and beyond.

So what does Sally do now?

Digital media

  • Visual content management for a digital audience
  • Picture research + editing
  • Writing for a digital audience
  • Content sourcing, commissioning + research
  • Editorial marketing and brand management
  • See work

Social Media

  • Personal and brand social media accounts
  • Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress and other platforms
  • See work


Sally takes photos all the time, it’s a fun thing to do, but she doesn’t seek out commissions. However, if you have something in mind, please get in touch.

Thanks to Chris Floyd for the portrait above, taken for Wallpaper* Magazine’s Tweet Life

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