Collages II

A continuation of Collages I

Polaroid single cover

Munch Munch, my friends band asked 100 people to colour in their single cover so I took a polaroid of my teeth.

Passing the time

Some doodles I did the other day.

Freedom of speech

I’m still stuck on the idea of war and free speech. I’m glad we have places to go if we really want to speak our minds. I went to Speakers Corner last week. The photos were just lying around and I just thought the speakers would suit wings, they seemed to be so free they […]

New canvas

This painting is the end of the fabric project, I moved it on a bit, it’s become a huge abstract thing. I think abstract paintings work better, Rothko didn’t work on small canvases.

New paintings

I’ve turned the sketches of the fabric into paintings. Using acrylic gives such strong colours. Makes the fabric really jump.

In the newspapers

Here’s some collages I’ve done recently, they’re from newspapers, troops at war, there’s this particularly horrible photo of a solider running as he’s on fire.