The other side of Athens

Petros Koublis captures the silent countryside that surrounds the capital’s “desperate cry”

Laura Plageman’s hand-folded photography

The Californian photographer bends, creases and screws up her images, even if she likes them

Tadao Cern’s Comfort Zone

The Lithuanian architect switched to a life as a photographer and shot this great beach series

The science and serenity of CERN

The industrial photographer Alastair Philip Wiper shoots the colourful and beautifully ordered in Geneva

Michel Campeau captures demise of the dark room

Canadian photographer immortalises darkrooms as monuments to the lost art of silver-based photography

The changing state of reporting on Syria

It is becoming more and more dangerous to report from inside Syria. At the Frontline Club on 19 November a panel chaired by Stuart Hughes, a senior world affairs producer with BBC News and in association with the Overseas Press Club, discussed how reporting has changed since the conflict began and how journalists at all […]

Any of your pictures in this artist’s works?

Penelope Umbrico gathers together thousands of similar images from photo-sharing sites and elsewhere

Ahn Jun pushes self portraiture to the edge

Korean photographer says vertiginous shots speak to the future of our cities – if you’re acrophobic look away now

Colette Fu’s photo sculpture pop-ups

The Chinese-American photographer brings the bustle of the Yunnan province to life on the page

Take a look at Sir Paul Smith’s photographs

A glimpse into the shadowy world of the legendary British fashion designer