North Korea – life inside the secret state, the women who fight back and getting the outside world in

North Korea is the most totalitarian regime still in existence, yet knowledge of the outside world is slowly but relentlessly filtering in, in the form of USB sticks and wind-up radios. Channel 4′s Dispatches followed North Korean defector Mr Chung and Japanese journalist Jiro Ishimaru, who smuggle information and video footage in and out of […]

Thomas Albdorf on keeping still life alive

The Austrian photographer and critic defends the photographic one-liner and says it’s here to stay

Meet the Sochi Singers

Two Dutch image makers document the entertainment on offer at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia

Has the NSA spying gone too far and what damage has been done?

Following the latest revelations from whistleblower Edward Snowden, the Frontline Club’s First Wednesday panel on 6 November gathered to discuss Has NSA spying “reached too far”? Read the full report here

The life and death of Agnes Thor

See how this young Swedish photographer tries to capture the transience of life in her images

Ben Marcin photographs the last house standing

German-born US-based photographer looks at single houses that hang on when the neighbours have gone

The Sochi Project: Documenting the run up to the 2014 Winter Olympics in a city with no snow

In 2007, what would become the most expensive Olympic Games in history was announced. Sochi, on the banks of the Black Sea and known as the Florida of Russia – complete with palm trees and sandy beaches – would host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The story caught the attention of filmmaker and writer Arnold […]

Sara Naim goes tree spotting in Dubai

The British-born photographer finds hardy specimens hanging on among the office blocks and sand dunes

What America’s banks did next

Michael Vahrenwald’s project, The People’s Trust, looks at how US bank buildings have been repurposed

What is real and what is fake in this model town?

Photographer and model maker Michael Paul Smith has been photographing his own town for the last 25 years