How to make ‘serious’ journalism as popular as cats, and other stories

This Thursday Grapevine hosted a meeting of new media minds  at the Frontline Club. Journalists such as Mona Chabali soon to be of the 538, Nicola Hughes of Data Miner, Dan Knowles of the Economist, Helen Lewis of the New Statesman and Luke Lewis of Buzzfeed UK among other journalists discussed in two panels how […]

2013 The year in photography

A look back at a year in which the still life made a comeback and the selfie made it into the dictionary

Mustafah Abdulaziz photographs the Ganges

Ex-Wall Street Journal photographer took a trip along India’s sacred river with astonishing results

Photographs that are an accident waiting to happen

Csilla Klenyánszki builds precarious sculptures that balance just long enough for her to shoot them

Inside Jee Young’s head (and very small studio)

Korean artist creates fantasy worlds based on fables, childhood memories and an incredible imagination

Mana Morimoto’s hand-stitched photographs

The Japanese wild artist and weaver simply loves “making thread beams come out of people’s eyes!”

Kai-Uwe Gundlach’s downtime downtown photos

After a shoot the advertising photographer drops his crew and opens up the aperture for long-exposure cityscapes

The other side of Athens

Petros Koublis captures the silent countryside that surrounds the capital’s “desperate cry”

Laura Plageman’s hand-folded photography

The Californian photographer bends, creases and screws up her images, even if she likes them

Tadao Cern’s Comfort Zone

The Lithuanian architect switched to a life as a photographer and shot this great beach series