Frozen gardens II

Frozen gardens I

Duxford at Dusk

The light this winter is just incredible. Duxford Imperial War Museum just looked magical.

Blackpool is a fun place isn’t it?

The Allianz Stadium

Spent the last four days in Munich. Went to see the new stadium, the sun was setting, it looked good.

Contacts from Barcelona

Found an old film from Barcelona. Whilst I was there we found a sofa on the pavement.

From back in 2004

This is the taxi journey from Miami airport to our hotel on Miami beach.

St. Ives

Each autumn, we head down to St Ives in Cornwall. I came back with these two photos. The dog in the second one isn’t mine, but he looks like my old one.


Back from holiday, didn’t really take any photos of note, except for this one, which I quite like. We had a few problems with our plane and a four hour flight ended up with us being on the plane for 10 hours. Fun Fun.

A trip to Prague

Prague is one of those cities which really suits snow. Every surface of the gothic architecture gets covered and you can see all the detail of the stone on St. Vitus Cathedral and looking out over the roof tops from the castle. The Old Jewish Cemetery seemed particularly eerie because it was covered with an […]