The basics of fashion styling – I’m in a book!

The basics of fashion styling AVA Books

At university, I collaborated with the fashion and brand promotion students on many projects – working within our strengths, we each knew what our role was rather than having a whole shoot to form by ourselves. This image – styled by Stefanie Cherlet – was more of an out-take than a final shot, but somehow it’s […]

Frozen gardens II

Frozen gardens I

Duxford at Dusk

The light this winter is just incredible. Duxford Imperial War Museum just looked magical.

Brilliant Boxing Day light in Brighton

Christmas Day in Brighton

Spent Christmas Day in Brighton. My Nan’s cat is too beautiful.

MENCAP Christmas Tea Party

Santa Claus visits the Watford MENCAP Christmas Tea Party every year. Sometimes the children get a bit overwhelmed.

Manchester outtakes

A couple more shots from the Manchester shoot for Anita Moore Designs yesterday.

Lucien Laviscount + Dominique Jackson in Manchester

We headed up to Manchester to catch Lucien Laviscount, Dominique Jackson for a shoot for Dom’s clothing line. Reece Noi turned up as well towards the end.

Holliday + Luke on Great Eastern Street

Another shot from the Hoxton Hotel shoot we did yesterday for Dominique Moore.