Holliday + Luke at the Hoxton Hotel

A couple of snaps from the shoot with Holliday Grainger and Luke Bailey from this afternoon. Sort of paparazzi-style shots for Dominique Moore’s Anita Moore Designs label.

In the studio I

In the studio II


A shot from the studio today.

Jumping for the Anita Moore Designs website

After photographing the Anita Moore Designs fashion show in the summer Dominique Moore asked me to photograph some shots for her website, so here they are.

Anita Moore Designs in Earls Court

Got an email from a young designer, Dominique Moore the other day asking me to come down and photograph her fashion show at a street festival in Earls Court this weekend. Here’s some of the snaps from the day and you can see the full Anita Moore Designs collection on Dominique’s website.

The cat in the garden

As it was a nice day I thought I’d waist a film photographing the cat in the garden.

Collages II

A continuation of Collages I

Collages I

Experimenting with collage again. I’ve not done this for a while. I took some photos, cut them up put them together with other photos I’ve found and then re-photographed them. This is probably one of my favourite projects, just because I really want to put these photos on my wall now.

Quick snap of my Aunt

My Aunt came over for lunch the other day, took this quick snap out by the fields at the back of the house.