Martin Parr goes skiing

The Magnum photographer has left the rainy days of England behind and headed for the mountains

Photographs of the early days of Silicon Valley emerge

I just love it when new photographs surface. Taken in the early days of Silicon Valley many of these feature Steve Jobs and other luminaries at the beginning of something great. There’s even a photograph of the possible moment that kicked off David Hockney’s enthusiasm to make art with a computer. Read on here

Do we care enough to save our memories in the digital world?

Inspired by the Design Museum’s new exhibition with Swarovski about how we will perceive our memories in the future and the news that Bruce Willis was supposedly suing Apple for the rights to his music collection I had some thoughts on the subject which I had to write down here

Fund FINDS 2 by Harry Watts

The amount of funding requests for books, exhibitions and pretty much anything else seems to have doubled in the last few months so I’m picking out the best projects so that you know which to direct your well earned pennies towards. I spoke to Harry Watts who’s looking for funding for the second of his […]

Erika Larsen’s book about the Sámi reindeer herders

Last September I ran an interview I did with Washington DC-based photographer Erika Larsen who’d spent the last few years living with the Sámi, an indigenous tribe living within the Arctic circle in the northern parts of Scandinavia and Russia. Since September, she’s cropped up in a few places and has been featured in the National […]

On the lost art of the non-celebritographer TV documentary

I came across a previously unseen Joel Meyerowitz documentary and it made me think about the lack of documentaries about non-celebritographers. Read the full pondering and watch the Meyerowitz doc here

Thought for the day and a beautiful short film about trees

Everyday I get swamped by so many things to look at – some I absorb and some get glazed over in a wave of ambivalence. Sometimes I bookmark things to come back to later and they just end up sitting in my reader for months. I do go back and have a look to see […]

Surviving degree show season and a little advice for graduates

Going to degree shows is sort of like subjecting yourself to a school play when you don’t know any of the kids. It’s just a load of noise and if you’re lucky there’ll be one kid who manages to stand out above all the squeaky singing and sound like a song bird. The key is […]

The sun shines on The Shard, people photograph it.

Yesterday morning I looked at my Twitter feed as I got into work to find that I had missed a spectacular sight. As the City of London was covered in a haze of humid light the sun had aligned in such a way that it bounced off London’s newest landmark The Shard

Omega officially starts up Olympic Madness

I do love a bit of slo-mo and this new advert – which you can get a sneak preview of below before it’s released on our TV screens this Friday – has it all