What is real and what is fake in this model town?

Photographer and model maker Michael Paul Smith has been photographing his own town for the last 25 years

Does this wrecked liner remind you of Fellini too?

Gigi Cifali’s surreal photographs of the Costa Concordia revel in the wreck’s dark absurdity

Marc Wilson’s accidental war memorials

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Whose hometown is this?

John Maclean photographs the hometowns of his artistic heroes, adding a little of their style into his shots

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Jim Golden’s still lifes

Ex-New York ad guy moves to Oregon to create photos that capture essence not beauty (though we like them)

Photographing the model crime scene

Corinne May Botz spent six years in the Maryland State medical examiner’s office shooting 500 images

Akihiko Miyoshi’s Abstract Photos

Artist, photographer and computer engineer plays with mirrors, paper and tape to give depth to 2D photographs

Shooting hoops with Adrian Skenderovic

Paris-based photographer collects lost basketball hoops while on his travels