How to make ‘serious’ journalism as popular as cats, and other stories

This Thursday Grapevine hosted a meeting of new media minds  at the Frontline Club. Journalists such as Mona Chabali soon to be of the 538, Nicola Hughes of Data Miner, Dan Knowles of the Economist, Helen Lewis of the New Statesman and Luke Lewis of Buzzfeed UK among other journalists discussed in two panels how […]

The science and serenity of CERN

The industrial photographer Alastair Philip Wiper shoots the colourful and beautifully ordered in Geneva

The best free and useful iPhone apps for beginners

The best free and useful iPhone apps for beginners

The transition between BlackBerry and iPhone can be a revolutionary experience but it can also be a daunting one. With so many apps to wade through it can be difficult to know which ones you’ll end up using for a few weeks and into the years and which will be downloaded and opened once and […]

The story behind the most retweeted photograph ever

Photograph of Barack Obama embracing his wife after re-election is most popular ever on the net, but who took it?

My obsession with Apple’s efficiency continues

Yesterday I was thankful for an afternoon dentist appointment because it meant that I could make it home just in time to watch the live stream of the Apple presentation from California. Of course they announced the iPad Mini (very happy with that) and the smaller 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display but there was […]

Photographs of the early days of Silicon Valley emerge

I just love it when new photographs surface. Taken in the early days of Silicon Valley many of these feature Steve Jobs and other luminaries at the beginning of something great. There’s even a photograph of the possible moment that kicked off David Hockney’s enthusiasm to make art with a computer. Read on here

Do we care enough to save our memories in the digital world?

Inspired by the Design Museum’s new exhibition with Swarovski about how we will perceive our memories in the future and the news that Bruce Willis was supposedly suing Apple for the rights to his music collection I had some thoughts on the subject which I had to write down here

Top 10 gadgets for travellers

When you’re travelling I find it’s important that everything you carry with you does it’s job well without wasting space. Here I put together 10 of the top gadgets to keep with you whilst you’re on the move whether you’re an Apple fan (like me) or not. The top 10 gadgets for travellers

Porsche Design and BlackBerry win Smartphone of the Year

The Porsche Design P’9981 smartphone by Blackberry triumphs at the Plus X Award ceremony in Cologne

Download the London Photography Exhibition Guide now

The London Photography Exhibition app has been released this weekend for iPhone. It includes all the information any photography fanatic will need to find their way around the photography galleries and shows in the capital